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NATURA RODOS store is a local business in Kalamonas Rhodes, near the Valley of the Butterflies. It is a continuation of the Kallas family earlier occupation in the primary sector (dating from 1959), the operation of traditional cold pressed oil mill, which produced extra virgin olive oil in the village of “Theologos”, Rhodes. The love and passion that emerged during these decades of the mill operation have created the ambition to promote Rhodian extra virgin olive oil in Greece and abroad. The aim of NATURA is the production and distribution of our branded product 
By the end of the 90s, Kallas family started bottling and promoting the extra virgin olive oil, which someone can be found in selected outlets on our island.
In 1999 the company acquired and renovated an old Italian farmhouse and established the NATURA RODOS SHOP, located near the old Italian village Beverano.
In our traditionally designed shop, you can taste the NATURA extra virgin olive oil, honey of different tastes from small beekeepers of the island, as well as local varieties of wines from the cellar.


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