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4 km Nationa road Sparta – Gythio, Sparta, 231 00 Laconia

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The Agricultural Cooperative for Citrus Processing of Amikles, Sparta LAKONIA is one of the largest Greek citrus cooperatives of growers, constantly present in the market of citrus extraction and exporting since 1965. The entire cooperative is made up of more than 1.000 grower-members with fine citrus groves in Lakonia region.
During the tour, the visitor can see the entire production process of turning oranges into juice, the one we find on the shelves of the stores. In particular, you will witness the process of sorting and squeezing oranges, the production of by-products from the squeeze, such as, for example, essential oils, and of course the packaging of the juice. You will also have the opportunity to chat with the Quality Control Department regarding all the control steps that take place throughout the phase of the production process.

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Monday to Friday: 09:00 to 14:00

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Greek, English

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50 persons