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Our farm is located in the mountainous village of Lepetymnos on Lesvos Island.
When Giorgos Kariofilis, owner and inspirer of this idea, completed his studies at the Aegean University on Rhodes Island, he decided to return to his ancestral lands and start what he had dreamed of: a farm with various species of animals, such as deers, wild sheep, dwarf goats, peacocks, pheasants etc.
The vision began in 2013 when the first facilities were completed, the first animals were purchased and the cultivation of the aronia (a genus of deciduous shrubs, the chokeberries) began.
Aronia belongs to one of the most nutritious plants, the so-called "superfoods" and holds the first place on the international scale of medicinal plants!
Each year the farm is enriched with additional products from the fruit of aronia. It is processed in the farm and is available in different forms such as jam, dried fruit, fresh or frozen (depending on the season) and tea.
Visitors can witness and get information about the plant of aronia and its cultivation and depending the season they will see the plants in their different phase of its growth.
At the Kariofyli farm one can get in contact with the different animals of the farm that coexist harmoniously, feed them and learn their habits (breeding, living in the wild, eating), very interesting for the adults and especially the children, a great reason why the farm is so popular to schools and social clubs.
Visitors will have the possibility to taste our products, such as aronia jam, dried aronia fruit, and aronia tea and get detailed information of aronia as a superfood. Upon leaving from the farm, visitors can make their purchases of fresh eggs, pure honey and other Bio Aronia Lesvos products!

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